Unboxed Deals an Amazon Warehouse deals site

A website for Amazon Warehouse deals on used and open boxed items. Running as a beta for the past year, I am currently hardening the product for public users in 2024.

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Mega API: A Headless CMS and Backend as a Service

A directus.io install serving up data for several of my applications. Provides basic REST API's for content sites, image hosting, and automation through flows.

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Trendlog.app a personal data tracker using tags

A progressive web app built on Framework 7 to track your personal data using tags. Recreating with a mobile-first approach from a proof-of-concept I created in 2017. Will be available to the general public.

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Twitch Event and Chat Command Overlays in OBS

A browser source for OBS to display overlays for Follow, Subscribe, Channel Redemption, etc. and chat commands (!clap) with sounds. Also includes a chat bot!

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